Monday, 21 November 2011

V.A. - Slave To Convention(A Tribute To Doom)

Lost The Fight(Dissystema-USA)
Same Mind(Alehammer-UK)
Natural Abuse(Ruin-UK)
Relief(Cluster Bomb Unity-Alemanha)
A Means To End(Los Rezios-Peru)
Scared(Voco Protesta-Japão)
After The Bomb(Alternate System-USA)
Fear Of The Future(Accion Mutante-Alemanha)
Sick With Society-Lost For Power(Filth Of Mankind-Polonia)
Trash Breed Trash(Sinergia-Espanha)
No Thought(Phobia-USA)
War On Our Doorstep(Warvictims-Suécia)
A Dream To Come True(The Indecents-USA)
Police Bastard(Dentro de Nada-Chile)
Life Lock(Trioxin 245-Canadá)
Stop Gap(Karnvapen Attack-Espanha)
Slave To Convention(Desobediência Civil-méxico)
Nazi Die(Suburban Showdown-USA)
After The Bomb(Slaktattack-Suécia)
Sick Joke(Khali Destruction-Espanha)
Phobiaa For Change(Kaos Endemico-Peru)
Police Bastard(Besthoven-Brasil)
Open Mind Surgery(Hollow Scorn-Suécia)
Multinationals(Disarme a PM-Brasil)

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  1. Aposynthesis are from Cyprus, not Chile. I'm the singer.


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